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Straightening machines

G+K offers the broadest range of straightening machine line equipment on the market.

In a national comparison, G+K has one of the most extensive ranges of coilers, levelers and roll feeds in Germany. For this reason, G+K has developed into a partner for the steel processing industry in general and the automotive industry in particular. Individual requirements for the straightening machines can be realized as well as the provision of straightening machines for standard tasks.

All machines from G+K are characterized by an above-average service life and therefore high cost-effectiveness. That is the reason why leading industrial companies rely on leveling technology from G+K.

The particular advantage over large competitors is the high level of flexibility, starting with advice through to the adaptation of existing straightening concepts. So when it comes to creativity and speed, G+K is a very good choice.

Straightening machines by G+K

  • From fine to high-precision in high-performance and special machine construction.
  • From the most sensitive materials to rolling mill equipment – ​​G+K levelers from fine to heavy machine construction.
  • From simple steel construction levelers to high-performance precision levelers with 21 rollers.

With our modular straightening machine system, we are able to offer the best technology for the application, which results in top economic performance.

Examples of our straightening machines

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Dr. Michael Kunkel
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Report on a G+K system for straightening titanium plates

G+K machines are also spectacular. It is not uncommon for the press to document delivery, assembly and company names. Here is an example of a system for straightening titanium plates. [More information]