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Competent, reliable and interdisciplinary

The G+K Service Team consists of highly qualified service technicians specializing in electrical engineering, hydraulics and mechanics. After many years of practical work in our assembly or electrical/hydraulics department, we select the specialists to work on site at our customers.

We attach great importance to the fact that our service technicians work, think and "live" their job in an interdisciplinary way.

Press safety inspections

G+K also maintains and checks third-party products

We not only check our own press technology, but also those of other manufacturers in accordance with the latest legal requirements.

Press safety tests, which have to be proven annually, are carried out reliably. The G+K service technicians carry out repairs and renewal measures that are due on schedule and always at a reasonable price. Maintenance contracts for machines or systems are also possible.


Maintenance and service contracts

 G+K ensures smooth processes

Upon request, G+K offers service contracts for obligatory regular press safety inspections, checkups on machine mechanics, electrics and hydraulics, software updates as well as for run-time optimization.

With a G+K maintenance and service contract our clients are on the safe side as they always have a fully functioning line and never miss a press inspection.

Your contact person for maintenance and service contracts:

Mr. Thomas Grosser
Tel: +49 (0)6028-999825

Remodeling / conversion

Cost-efficient machine retrofits


Even when production-related demands should change, the purchase of a new machine might not always be necessary. It may make good economic sense to rather remodel or converse an existing line, particularly if it is equipped with highly specialized tools. Our technicians are happy to talk to you about conversion options; of course, without any obligation on your side.

Conversion references are available for small and medium-sized companies, but also large enterprises acknowledge the advantages of machine retrofitting, particularly given the immediate tax write-off benefit for repairs as opposed to purchase.