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Power and speed matched to the top products in the industry

We manufacture recoilers and decoilers with the following criteria:

  • Max. coil weight between 50kg and 32t
  • Coil widths from 150 to 2200mm
  • Coil diameter according to all common standards (e.g. 400mm, 500mm, 600mm)
  • Winding force up to 50 kN

G+K has core competencies in mechanics, electrics, electronics, and hydraulics. Thanks to our know-how, performance optimization is achieved for each machine that also meets the highest environmental standards. Our range of reels ranges from compact to large reels.

For your application, reels in the design that is exactly right for you are selected and configured together with you. G+K provides the necessary reel know-how for this.

This achieves the perfect match between the means of production and the end product.

Contact Person

Michael Kunkel
Dr. Michael Kunkel
Executive Director
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Our core competencies



langlebig und prozessicher konstruiert



own control cabinet construction and electrical design



future-proof designed for intelligent and fast control processes



enormous forces sensitively dosed

Individual reels for every requirement

 G+K builds the appropriate reel mechanism, matching the application, also in special sizes or designs. Particular value is placed on good accessibility, ease of maintenance and work ergonomics.

It goes without saying that G+K reels set standards in terms of occupational safety.

Reels are durable economic goods, so G+K pays particular attention to longevity, durability and low service costs, especially because the machines are used all over the world.