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Power and speed perfectly matching high-end industry products

G+K’s core competencies in mechanics, electrics, electronics, and hydraulics allow for performance optimization of every machine while meeting highest environmental standards.  Our portfolio of hydraulic presses ranges from small system components for joining processes to forging presses with a pressure force of more than 30,000 kN.

Hydraulic presses made by G+K are offered in virtually all conceivable design variations to meet diverse market demands while thriving to perfectly match end product specifications with means of production.

G+K designs the most suitable press mechanics according to the specific application purpose; even asymmetrical, special size or special construction designs are possible.  Particular attention is given to easy access, low maintenance requirements and high working ergonomics.

It is clear that presses made by G+K set standards in terms of operational safety.

Hydraulic presses are durable goods and assets. Therefore, G+K makes sure that their machines which are in use worldwide are resilient, robust and require only minimal service.