Our Company

Years of experience and know-how in metal forming

Based on in-depth experience and extensive know-how in metal forming technology, G + K is shaping your ideas into forms. Fulfilling our clients’ needs in the best possible way is our mandate. G+K metal forming machines offer optimal performance, utmost reliability and maximum efficiency.

Comprehensive knowledge to realize integrated solutions

G+K covers a wide range of metal forming techniques utilizing its profound and interdisciplinary experience to achieve innovative and optimal solutions for specific challenges. Since the G+K expertise encompasses the entire scope of machinery and automation, interface issues simply cannot arise.

Implementation of client experiences and needs

As a flexible and resourceful problem solver, G+K serves highly specific markets:

  • Production lines for number plate manufacturing
  • Deburring equipment for risers in the wheel rim industry
  • Light and heavy duty coilers
  • Light and heavy duty straightening machines
  • Cut-to-length systems (also with integrated punching units)

Courage to take unconventional approaches

The G+K success is built on the relentless pursuit of perfection. Market-driven solutions based on numerous successful installations guarantee maximum cost effectiveness for our clients. In addition, G+K offers reliable and individual services and premium counseling regarding manufacturing technology.