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Our Company

Years of experience and know-how in metal forming

Based on in-depth experience and extensive know-how in metal forming technology, G + K is shaping your ideas into forms. Fulfilling our clients’ needs in the best possible way is our mandate. G+K metal forming machines offer optimal performance, utmost reliability and maximum efficiency.
Comprehensive knowledge to realize integrated solutions

G+K covers a wide range of metal forming techniques utilizing its profound and interdisciplinary experience to achieve innovative and optimal solutions for specific challenges. Since the G+K expertise encompasses the entire scope of machinery and automation, interface issues simply cannot arise.
Implementation of client experiences and needs

As a flexible and resourceful problem solver, G+K serves highly specific markets:

  • Production lines for number plate manufacturing
  • Deburring equipment for risers in the wheel rim industry
  • Light and heavy duty coilers
  • Light and heavy duty straightening machines
  • Cut-to-length systems (also with integrated punching units)

Courage to take unconventional approaches

The G+K success is built on the relentless pursuit of perfection. Market-driven solutions based on numerous successful installations guarantee maximum cost effectiveness for our clients. In addition, G+K offers reliable and individual services and premium counseling regarding manufacturing technology.

Company History

G+K Umformtechnik GmbH was founded on February 22, 2000 by Mr. Normen Gröschl and Dr. Michael Kunkel.

The staff in those first hours contributed 30 years of experience in press construction and metal forming.  Thus, from the very beginning, the young company was able to compete against renowned competitors.

The company chose a building in Königsberger Straße 14 in Niedernberg as their first provisional headquarters.  The first major projects already demonstrated the innovative character of the company as these included e.g., fully automated machines for punching riser slugs in aluminum rims. Likewise, a machine able to bend car gearbox shift forks in large-scale production to an accuracy unknown until then. Also a decoiler for coil weights of 30 tons was already realized in G+K's first business year.

Due to the dynamic company expansion, a move to larger premises in Nordring 68 in Niedernberg was necessary after the first year of operation.  G + K has purchased this piece of real estate in the meantime.

For manufacturing and technology exchange, G+K cooperates with the machine building company Rudolf Kunkel Maschinenbau GmbH in Bessenbach.