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Straightening machines process plants

G+K constructs individual straightening machines for all requirements

G+K’s broad range of roller levelers covers straightening machines, drag roller sets, standard straightening machines for strip line systems, precision straightening machines, small parts and heavy-duty straightening machines able to handle metal sheets with a thickness of 100mm or a width of 2,000mm.

G+K can rely on its comprehensive modular approach encompassing a variety of already realized projects. We will find a specific solution for every straightening need! Should certain work pieces not be able to be straightened using the roller straightening method, then there are options to apply hydraulic straighteners or parts straightening machines with servo-electronic drive instead. Numerous of our roller levelers hold hydraulic adjustment features requiring perfect interaction between hydraulics and control, in addition to flawless mechanical know-how.  As a consequence, G+K machines are precise and overload-proof while ensuring utmost mechanical and economic efficiency levels.

G+K standard straightening machines are often integrated in G+K production plants. An example for a single-source solution could be a sheet metal coil undergoing clearly defined processing steps up to the expulsion of the finished precision piece.  G+K defines the interfaces in a simple, precise and logical way in order to ensure that the entire production line can be handled like a single machine.

However, G+K straightening machines and accessories can also be integrated in lines of other makes. Upon request G+K can address interface issues and take care of the interaction of all components within the production line. G+K clients can rely on our decades of experience and know-how in metal sheet working.