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Retrofitting - modernization made-to-measure

G+K turns obsolete industry lines into sophisticated productio

"Old machines" simply do not exist for G+K. Every machine can be retrofitted to meet current industrial standards. Let us boost the efficiency of your press! In addition to the cost benefits resulting from retrofitting there are other advantages, namely G+K’s distinct quality philosophy and superb support by excellently trained G+K staff.

We offer retrofitting for individual presses as well as for entire press lines, regardless of whether they were purchased from us or not. Our retrofitting expertise and competence make G+K an attractive partner worldwide for such projects.

Typically, G+K machinery is in operation in industrial applications, particularly the automotive industry.  Though our machine constructions offer high wear resistance and robustness we adhere to the obligation to render service assistance within a matter of a few hours in cases of a machine standstill.

G+K holds a large range of spare parts for all current machines on stock.  In addition, we work exclusively with customary industrial components of the brands Siemens, Parker, Festo, and Bosch-Rexroth all of which can easily be obtained also in international markets. Should we lack a certain spare part we can either procure it within a short period of time or – in case of a mechanical part –fabricate it in our plant.

There are two relevant aspects when considering retrofitting an existing production line.

Simply by exchanging the drive systems and controls, mechanically solid production lines are upgraded to the latest state of technology.

In addition, immediate depreciation opportunities for repair costs are an unbeatable tax argument.